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XXL Cookie $160
Freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Cake $175
100% Belgian with raspberry.

Marshmallow bonfire $35 (pza.)
Chocolate ice cream topped with vanilla marshmallow and cinnamon cookie crumbs.

Hunger Crepe $120
Crepe with vanilla ice cream, pastry cream and pecans.

Red berry smash $160
Merengue crunch with vanilla custard and red fruits.

Häagen-Dazs ice cream $110
Dulce de leche and triple chocolate.

Strawberries, cooking and cream $135

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American Coffee                 $60
Expresso                             $65
Double Expresso                 120
Short Expresso                    $65
European Coffee                 $90
Capuccino                           $85
Irish Coffeee                       $160
Frapuccino                          $90

The consumption of raw products or ingredients are a health risk and may affect depending the eating habits or allergies, the consumption of them are absolute responsibility of the consumer.