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We present Festivale Italiano by the multi-awarded Chef Julián Martínez, with a proposal of contemporary Italian cuisine, taking care of the style and prestige that distinguish his restaurant SEPIA. Chef Julian's recipes and processes will accompany us at HUNGER for a month to delight us with flavors that only those who have traveled through Italy know, since he has an extensive experience with processes, ingredients and recipes native to the cuisine of this country.

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From August 3rd to September 4th.

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Meet Chef Julián

Born and raised in Guerrero Mexico, he has a 30-year career in Italian cuisine.

He worked for more than a decade at Grupo Restaurantero Becco of the Pavia family, where he won international awards such as the Best Award Of Excellence; the Marchio Ospitalita Italiana as well as being awarded the Best Authentic Italian Restaurant Awards, all of which placed the restaurant among the 50 best in the world.


In 2012 he traveled to Italy to imrpove his technique and shared a kitchen with Massimo Bottura, Chef and owner of Osteria Francescana restaurant, named the best restaurant in the world by the San Pellegrino guide in 2016.

In 2016 Julián Martínez started his own kitchen in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City with the restaurant Sepia and has been ranked for 4 consecutive years among the 120 best restaurants in Mexico.


In 2022, his restaurant Sepia was awarded the Ospitalitá italiana plaque and the Gambero Rosso recognition, a symbol of Italian excellence, which consolidated him not only in Mexico, but also in the eyes of the world.


For all this journy you should not miss the opportunity to attend the Festivale Italiano at HUNGER.

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