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The Ultimate & Favorite
House Selection

National premium

Rib eye. 300 gr/$395 or 600 gr/$790 

Beef fillet. 300 gr/$370 or 600 gr /$740 

Eye Rib Eye. For every 100 gr/$178

Rib Eye Cap. For every 100 gr/$178
*Ask for available weight*


Rib eye High Choice. 300 gr/$570 or 600 gr/$1,140 

Arrachera High Choice. 300 gr/$345 or 600 gr/$690 

Vacuum High Choice. 300 gr/$460 or 600 gr/$920 

Kansas with marrow. 

From 800 gr a 900 gr ($181 every 100 gr)
NY with bone and flamed with mezcal.


Kansas Prime
From 800 gr to 900 gr
($169 every 100 gr)


French Fries.                          $80
Mixed salad.                          $75
Mashed potatoes.                 $95

Roasted vegetables.              $95

The consumption of raw products or ingredients are a health risk and may affect depending the eating habits or allergies, the consumption of them are absolute responsibility of the consumer.