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Blue Shrimp Carpaccio $245

With old mustard dressing, olive powder and ikura salmone roe.


Beef Carpaccio with Grana Padano Cheese $215

Thin slices of seared beef fillet with grana padano mousseline and crunchy hazelnut.


Salmone Scottato  with Beet Emulsion $265

Seared salmon with beet emulsion, Bernese sauce and granny smith apple.


Beef Tail Croquettes $210

Stuffed with beef tail with cocoa and asiago fonduta cheese.

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Paccheri With Sea Genovese $275

Imported short pasta with white wine sauce with shrimp, mussel and squid.


Pappardelle With Lamb Ragu $265

Fresh pasta with lamb ragu, rosemary crumble and fresh ricotta cheese with mint.


Ricotta Agnolloti $210

Ravioli stuffed with fresh ricotta, nduja ragù (typical Italian sausage) and pecorino sardinian cheese.


Alcachofa Risotto $295

Carnaroli rice, confit artichoke, asiago cheese

and pistachio.


Catch Of The Day With Rustic Fennel Sauce, Dehydrated Tomatoes $355

Catch of the day fillet with baby artichoke

and asparagus.


Beef Tagliata With Prosciutto $385

Beef fillet wrapped with prosciutto and mushroom cream and mascarpone cheese.


Beef Brasato $355

Beef shoulder braised in genovese wine, mashed potatoes and organic baby vegetables.

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Profiterole Di Lamponi $145

Filled with yogurt cream, raspberries and lychees.


Semifreddo Al Caffè $115

Iced coffee mousse with hazelnut and chocolate chips.


Crostata Al Cioccolato E Caramello Salato $145

Brownie filled cake with salted caramel and chocolate cream.               By Carolina Borja

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