Home made artisan pasta.

Fettuccini, Spaghetti, Parpadelle

made with italian flour and organic egg.

Imported italian pasta.

Orecchiette, Casarecce made with durum wheat semolina.

Diavola with salmon with josper (100grs) $295

With pomodoro sauce with a touch of morita chili and crispy bacon.


Short rib ragu $265

Braised beef short rib cooked 12hrs in a wood-fired oven. (200grs)

Mediterranean with shrimp olives & artichokes $310

Pomodoro sauce, artichokes, olives and Josper shrimps (90grs). 

Four cheeses $195

Goat, parmesan, provolone and blue cheese.

Pomodoro $195

Rustic sauce made with Italian tomatoes and fresh herbs.


Wood-fired Ravioli $230

Prosciutto with ricotta and arrabiata sauce.


Lasagna Bolognese $215

Rustic pomodoro sauce and parmesan fonduta.


Pasta Hunger Papardelle $320

Cooked at your table with cheese sauce and flamed with Brandy (parmesan wheel).

The consumption of raw products or ingredients are a health risk and may affect depending the eating habits or allergies, the consumption of them are absolute responsibility of the consumer.